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Visual Eyes | FAQ’s
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Do you do photography as well?

We believe in delivering the best and hence want to focus on just one aspect of covering the wedding. However we have collaborated with many Wedding photographers and wouldn’t mind suggesting a few. We are pretty adaptable and would love to collaborate with other artists.


What all do you offer in Videography?

We offer three categories of films:

First being the insta edit, which is usually of 1 min.

Second category being, director cut which purely depends on the story, this usually is of 4-5 mins.

Third being, the complete documentation of the wedding.


How much do you charge?

Each and every couple is special in its own way and we want to keep it that way. Write to us and we shall specially curate a quotation for you according to your needs.


How much time do you take to deliver?

We have done same day edits and also have worked to put together a video to play at the reception in the span of 3 days. The time bracket for delivery changes according to the story and vision that we develop for that particular wedding. All good things take time to happen.


How can we book you?

Head over to Contact


We love your work!

well, thank you 🙂